Chang Yun Son

Department of Chemistry
Pohang University of Science and Technology

B.S. Seoul National University
M.S. Seoul National University
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Postdoc. California Institute of Technology

Contact Information:

Research Statement

The overall goal of research in my group will be to build a versatile simulation framework for charged interfaces to aid the rational design of functional energy / bio soft materials.

Our approach will involve developing truly predictive first-principles force fields, applying state-of-the-art molecular simulation techniques to overcome the space-time limitation of current simulation methods, as well as using multi-scale simulation methods and theoretical tools to study syntehtic and biological macromolecules.

We use machine-learning / molecular simulation packages as well as develop new simulation methods & tools / analyze large set of data and construct new ways to understand the mechanisms of chemical processes through information obtained from our models.

We welcome motivated grad/undergrad/postdocs who loves coding / physical thinking / finding and solving new problems that are relevant to energy / biological applications. Anyone interested should email me to My lab is currently located at Room 302, the 2nd experimental building at POSTECH.