We are computational chemistry lab at POSTECH Chemistry.

We use molecular simulations to solve problems that are critical in energy/bio applications. We use/develop statistical mechanics / molecular dynamics / coarse-grained methods / machine-learning / big data analysis to understand the mechanisms of chemical processes and help designing new functional materials.

We welcome motivated grad/undergrad/postdocs who loves coding / physical thinking / finding and solving new problems that are relevant to energy / biological applications. Interested should email me to changyunson@postech.ac.kr.

More details of my research interest can be found in the Research section.

News :

2021.05. ChangYun’s work with Prof. Zhen-Gang Wang (Caltech), Image-charge effects on ion adsorption near aqueous interfaces is published in PNAS. Nice work all !

2021.03. Spring semester begins. We’re looking for new graduate / undergraduate / postdocs. to join us !

2021.03. We’ve got five year funding from NRF (Young research program) for research on polymer electrolytes !

2021.03. Youngji is now officially the first year graduate student. Congratulations on your new start, Youngji !

2021.01-02 Miseok, Kichan and Inyong joins for undergraduate research program. Welcome all !

2021.01. Winter research workshop begins !
We’ll have lots of fun learning / simulating / coding / eating / drinking / playing !

2020.09. Seungwon is now officially the first year graduate student. Congratulations on your new start, Seungwon !

2020.09. ChangYun gave an online seminar to high school students at Kyeongnam Science High School to introduce computational chemistry research. It was fun to meet all of you young future science leaders !!! And we look forward to seeing many of you at POSTECH !!!

2020.09. ChangYun’s perspective article with Prof. Zhen-Gang Wang (Caltech), Ion Transport in Small-Molecule and Polymer Electrolytes, is published in J. Chem. Phys. and selected as a featured article by the editors. Nice work all !

2020.09. Our research is highlighted in ChemWorld as ‘This month’s highlight’ (in Korean) ! It would be useful introduction to new researchers interested in predictive molecular simulations !

2020.07. Sangmin and Junho joins for undergraduate research program at POSTECH. Welcome, Sangmin and Junho !